Jenny Byett, 2015 Ladies Captain

 I’d like to begin by thanking you all for attending this morning.  We are all looking forward to the outdoor season and I’d like to record my thanks to everyone who has worked hard through the winter to make the clubhouse, the green and the gardens look so good.

To Ken and Barry and your helpers thank you for our new toilet facilities, although we are disappointed that we didn’t get the heated seats!  The new kitchen floor looks good and will be so much safer to walk on when the kitchen is busy.

To Charlie and his band of willing helpers I extend a big thank you – the rinks look so much better for all the time and effort you spent on them.  Good luck for your new knee Charlie and we all wish you a speedy recovery.


To all the members who have painted fences, trimmed shrubs, replaced borders and planted-up pots and helped in any way to improve the look of the gardens, well done.  I am sure when you all arrived here this morning you couldn’t fail to see how much hard work has gone into giving us a clubhouse and green to be proud of- thank you to each and everyone who helped.

Several of our members have not enjoyed the best of health through the winter and some are recovering from operations as I speak.  To all of those members I extend my very best wishes for a full and speedy recovery.

Following in Chris’s very capable footsteps has taught me a lot about bowls.  I’d like to thank her and all rest of the selection committee for all their help: and to everyone who has taken the time to offer me support and help if I need it.  To Ruth, thank you for being my vice captain, I know we can work well together.

At this point I need to mention that the first of the fixture lists are up on the notice board.  As always, please make our job so much easier by putting your names on these lists. I have heard this Captain’s plea every year since I joined this club and having served a year on selection. I now realise how important it is to let your captain know if you can or can’t bowl each week.  So please make my job easier and sign the fixture lists!

And finally, to you all, I wish us a season of good weather, great friendships and successful bowling. Thank you.

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