Ian Morton, 2015 Men’s Captain

Good morning and welcome to the 2015 outdoor bowling season.

Thank you for electing me as your captain.  I’ll say that now as it may not feel the same at the end of the season. I feel like that chap who said ‘he was standing on the shoulder of giants’.

Thanks to the fixtures secretaries for all their pre-season work.  A nerve racking job.  I can announce one change already (not due to our error!).  11th August at Chew Stoke is now 10:30 start not 14:30.

And thanks to the teams that have got the club house and the green ready.

So what are we trying to achieve?

Ÿ Enjoy your games.  Win or lose nobody turns up to have a bad game.  Winning is best and the pleasure in delivering that perfect wood never diminishes.

Ÿ Further the good last season that the A and B teams had in the Somerset county leagues

Ÿ ]have a really good crack at the Wednesday evening league

Ÿ have good runs in the various knock out competitions


There are something like 47 names in the members’ book.  It is rare that the available and non-available list adds up to this number.  It is as important to say you are unavailable as available.  Remember that bit of the chairman’s speech at the AGM were he spoke about us all doing our bit for the club.  If you can work one month ahead that would be excellent

Ÿ The composition of the A team and the Wednesday evening league is fairly stable.  It changes due to non-availability and dips in form.  I will put up a list of who these regular players are.  These members still need to say if they are available.  That’s not to say other will be considered but as in previous years don’t be surprised if you don’t get selected

Driving:  Malcolm has devised a modified system for this year which aims to take into account frequency of driving and distance.

Ÿ Selection committee will normally meet on Sunday morning so when you come to Monday evening roll up lists will be up.  We are aiming to work at least two week ahead.

Ÿ You do need to tick your name off although this year we are going to see if we can publish selection on –line.  More of this to follow


I’m re-introducing the system of having the opposing captain drawing a number out of a bag to select who clears up after matches.

For home games I will also be selecting one rink to come 40 minutes before game starts to set up rinks and put up flag and generally tidy up.  Members on bar duty on the day will be exempt.


Ÿ Dave Byett is offering coaching on Wednesday mornings so please avail yourself of this opportunity.  I’ll look to see if we can add some specialist areas as the season goes on.

Ÿ I’m hoping to be down most Monday evenings for roll up so if you need a chat you can see me then.  And do not forget Malcolm Huggett is this year’s players’ rep.  I suspect we are not going to please everybody or make decisions with which you all agree.  But please doing just grumble let us know – possibly with constructive suggestions!

Ÿ Parking this could be a challenge this year with the new houses occupied.  We’ll just have to see how it works out

One correction in your fixtures book:  The opening times for Oldfield’s’ Fish and Chips are not correct.  Please check at the shop.

I wish the ladies captain well. 

So Gentlemen let us go forth and conquer the world of bowls and in particular maintain the record in the gents vs ladies match!


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