Seanna with her Waley Cohen awardSeanna Moore, who joined the bowls club this year, has received a police bravery award after tackling two robbers in Congresbury Village Store.

Shop assistant Seanna, who won the Waley-Cohen award, was presented with a certificate and engraved Bristol Blue Glass paperweight at a ceremony in Clevedon on October 10.

She was working in the Village Store at 5pm on February 7th and popped out to get change from the nearby Post Office.

When she returned, she spotted two men, one behind the counter, and the other with a green garden waste bag. They wore dark clothing and balaclavas.

She grabbed hold of the man behind the counter but he carried on taking cigarettes from shelves and filling the waste bag. Seanna got her phone and tried to call the police – but here hands were shaking too much, she said.

Seanna was concerned about what had happened to a second shop assistant, Lorin Henderson, and called for her. Later she discovered that Lorin had run out the back of the shop and got through to the police.

Eventually, the two thieves ran to their car – Seanna ran after them shouting “Thief’ thief”. 

The two men stalled their car, then got stuck in traffic, and were later detained by police.

Later, Seanna was told they were armed with knives.

“I was outraged at the time and afterwards felt a bit shaky,” said Seanna, who was back at work the next day.

The Waley-Cohen Award was originally set up in 1965 by Mr M H Waley-Cohen who gave a sum of money to the constabulary for the purpose of recognising members of the public who perform meritorious acts in support of law and order.

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