The main job this winter is to raise all the edges around the green.  Over the years a combination of players dropping their woods onto the green and overweight players (obviously visitors, not Congresbury players!) leaping (stepping?) down onto the green has resulted in the edges “sagging”. The remedy is to lift back all the edge turfs, build up the ground with topsoil and relay the turfs.  It is a very labour-intensive operation, but we are now half way there – 2 sides done and 2 to go.  We should have the job finished after another 4 sessions – assuming the job does not finish us off first. More help would be very welcome – a turnout of only 4 is not great given the various requests for help.

The attached photo shows the men’s Captain posing for the camera – (is he smiling?) – with Royce trying to perfect the “leaning on the shovel ” pose.  He’s nearly there – just needs to work on his weight distribution a bit more.


Our photogenic Captain

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