Charlie Blagden - on tour in Newquay

Club members attended the funeral of Charlie Blagden at Weston-super-Mare Crematorium on February 8.

Afterwards, Charlie’s widow Jenny invited everyone to the clubhouse for refreshments.

Charlie, aged 76, died in hospital on January 27 after suffering from cancer for some three years. He had previously survived prostate cancer.

Former HGV driver Charlie and Jenny, of Mendip Gardens, Yatton, have been members of our club for many years and Jenny plans to return to bowls this coming season.

“Charlie enjoyed his bowls, playing and meeting people from different clubs,” said his son-in-law Dave Gilmour.

Many of us remember the fun of the early May weekend tours to different parts of the country, which Charlie organised. He is pictured above in Newquay, the last tour he organised.

He also worked tirelessly as greenkeeper for many years and played a leading part in the short mat section which at the time met in the War Memorial Hall.

Charlie and Jenny have two daughters, Mandy and Shelley, and three grandchildren – Mandy’s son and daughter, Hannah and Sam, and Shelley’s son, Alex.

They were married in September 51 years ago.

Charlie was born in Yatton and lived there all his life. He had a brother, Don.

Dave, who is Mandy’s husband, said: “I never heard him say a cross word about anybody. He always had an infectious smile and a wicked sense of humour.”